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Second Hand Stuff

Posted on December 27, 2018 | in Home and Garden | by

A & R Secondhand Dealers in Melbourne has been trading on the same site for 17 years and deals in new and used building materials to an ever-growing loyal customer base seeking good service, prompt delivery, exceptional value and amazing variety. Unlike numerous smaller recycling yards selling second-hand or recycled building materials focused on demolition alone, A & R s building supplies focus is on retailing second-hand building materials and the attitude of the staff reflects this, with brains rather than brawn prepared to solve your construction needs, load your trailer and give you great value. For high-quality second-hand building supplies, look no further than us. With our wide selection of genuine recycled building materials, we can help you fulfil your dreams. Huge recycled building materials for your next project! We specialize in offering the finest range of used building materials in Melbourne to cater to your diverse needs. With our wide experience and knowledge, we are experts in our field and can assure you of providing supplies that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Whether you are planning a renovation project or looking for unique building supplies, we have an exceptional collection of second-hand building materials. By choosing to use our recycled building supplies, you have an affordable alternative to making a new purchase. Located on the northern fringe of Melbourne, A & R is ideally placed to meet the needs of builders, handymen, home renovators and curious shoppers. We are on the map for set designers, shop dressers, cafe owners looking for a fit out and just the curious shopper – you never know what you may find. Although less glamorous than the period windows and olde worlde stuff to be found, we stock an impressive range of new aluminium windows and sliding doors as well as second-hand doors, second-hand windows and much more. Plenty of timber is also available in the cheaper grades and chipboard and MDF sheets are our speciality. A sheet cutting service is also available and certain manufactures and concreters frequently get A & Rs building materials in Melbourne to fulfil their cutting orders.