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Posted on December 29, 2015 | in Finance and Investment | by

If you are interested in a rewarding career where you have the ability to work from home then consider Paraplanning and becoming a contract paraplanner.

Contract Paraplanning ServicesThe Australian and UK financial planning world is made up of two key professions, Financial Advisers and Paraplanners.  A financial advisers role is to meet with clients and help solve their financial goals.  The Paraplanner’s role is to prepare what is called a Statement of Advice document that the adviser will present to the client to help explain their advice. Paraplanning requires an in-depth knowledge of the local countries tax, superannuation, pension’s and government benefits combined with skills in specific software applications such as XPlan, Midwinter, COIN and Microsoft Word. To consider Paraplanning as a career you typically have to enjoy working with numbers, data entry and working with advisers to help solve their clients financial aspirations.

Contract Paraplanning is a more advanced role, whereby you have the autonomy to work for yourself and contract back through existing contracting companies such as  It is preferred that you have at least 3 year experience as an employed Paraplanner before considering contracting as once you are working from home you do not have the support of other Paraplanners and the Adviser with you day in day out helping you prepare the Statement of Advice documents.

Paraplanning is a very rewarding career and if you are not a salesperson at heart but enjoy working with numbers, then it might be the perfect role for you to consider.



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