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Ozmetro Fire Emergency Response Procedures & Training

Posted on December 2, 2015 | in Services | by

Services Welcome to OzMetro’s Fire Services. Our training team do more than just provide training to our customers. We also develop Emergency Management Plans that help provide you with a safer working environment. We specialise in the following Services: Fire and Emergency Training Bomb & Substance Training Fire Extinguisher Training Warden Training Senior Warden Training General Occupancy Training Emergency Procedure Manuals Floor Diagrams & Signages Home Security Equipment Fire and Evacuation Compliance: Building Owners, Property Managers, Occupant Groups and Employers have a legal obligation and moral responsibility to comply with certain statutory requirements that may affect the safety of all employees or occupants of buildings, structures and workplaces. A building with an emergency situation such as a fire and in particular where the emergency is a life threat to the occupants of the building, requires as a priority the safe evacuation of those people from the building by trained staff.

Our training procedures conform to Australian Standards AS3745-2010, AS1851- 2012 and WHS Act 2011 which set out recommended procedures for the safety of people in buildings during emergencies. Training venues include: Health Care Facilities, Educational, Shopping Centres, Government, Schools, Commercial departments, Industrial sites and Warehousing, etc. OzMetro Fire and Evacuation Services and Benefits Emergency Management Plans Assessment & design of site specific emergency management procedures. Initial production of written procedures with a basic plan layout including evacuation assembly areas. Provision of a procedure manual for the Manager, Chief Warden, and Deputy Chief Warden.

Production of A4/A3 laminated/framed emergency procedure signs for chief warden. Establishment of a warden listing for the site. Presentation of procedures for your approval. Training courses as outlined below. Home suppression equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms Benefits to our clients A team of dedicated industry experts. Assistance with your email/phone support enquiries. Site specific training for your building(s) Measurement of your satisfaction with our training sessions. Issue of relevant reports after each session, for compliance. Issue of Attendance Certificates or Certificates of Attainment for compliance. Consistent improvement with ‘Best Practice’ is a promise to our clients. Bomb Threat and Substance Briefing Our Bomb Threat and Substance briefing sessions are designed to educate staff in the correct procedure for handling this type of threat and how best to collect all relevant information while maintaining a controlled and safe environment.